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1 Evaluation of effect of trans-Resveratrol on fructose-induced
metabolic syndrome in rats
Khushali Soni*, S. P. Rathod

Pharmacy Dept., Faculty of Tech. & Engg., The M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
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2.A Survey Study of 250 Hypertensive Patients in Jhansi (UP), India
Gayathri V. Patila , Rajeev Kumar Jhab , Sujata K. Dass *c

a STES Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Pharmacy, Kondhwa (Bk), Pune 411048, India.
b GISIPS College of Pharmacy, Dehradun – 248003, Uttarakhand, India.
c Department of Medicine, V. P. Chest Institute, University of Delhi, Delhi – 110 007, India
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3.Process validation of metformin hydrochloride and glimepiride
Bilayered extended release tablet
Rikin Patel*1 , Nidhi Shah1 , Dhara Rathod 1, Dr. Rajesh K. S.1

1Parul Institute of Pharmacy, Vadodara (India)
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4.Synthesis of new2, 3-dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-one derivatives and their Biological evaluation
Akhil A. Nagar1* ,Ankur Vaghasiya1, Ashish Patel1, Viral.K.Patel1, Nisha Desai1

Department of Pharma Chemistry,
1Parul Institute of Pharmacy, Limda, Vadodara, Gujarat-391760.
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5.Experimental Design and Optimization Studies Of Thermoreversible Hydrogel Containing Liposomes For The Controlled Delivery Of 5-Fluorouracil
Soni Ankita1* , Vaishali Bharakhada1 ,Rajesh KS1 , Lalit Lata Jha 1
1Parul Institute of Pharmacy
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6.A factorial design approach for optimization of floating microsheres of cephalexin
Kamini Vasava1* , Tejal Patel1 , Parag Patel1 , Rajesh KS 1, Lalit Lata Jha1

1Department of Pharmaceutics, Parul Institute of Pharmacy, Limda, Gujarat, India
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7.Simultaneous determination of Metoprolol Succinate and Chlorthalidone by
UV Spectrophotometric method.
Shital Patel, Drashti Patel
Department of Quality Assurance, Parul Institute of Pharmacy, Vadodara
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8.Cloning of an antimicrobial histatin derived peptide by Recombinant DNA technology
Vishal Raval, Dipak Prajapati, Sandeep Patidar, Bijal Prajapati, Rajesh KS,
Lalit Lata Jha
Parul Institute of Pharmacy,Waghodia, Limda, Vadodara-391760, India
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9.Optimization of Self Micro-emulsifying Delivery System of Clofazimine using Box-Behnken Experimental Design.
Dilsad Ansari, Sagar Parmar, Dr. Sulekha Bhadra*

Parul Institute of Pharmacy, Limda,Waghodia, Vadodara.
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10.Construction ofa human Neutrophil Peptide-1 (HNP1) gene using codon
Bias table and by overlap extension method for high level expression
of the Peptide into Lycopersicum Esculentum mill (Tomato) plant.
Lalit Lata Jha1 , Darshika Shah2 , Rajesh KS1
1Parul Institute of Pharmacy, Limda, Vadodara, India.
2Department of Botany, MS University, Vadodara
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11.Bioavailability enhancement by increasing solubility of the
Drug: a recent review
Md Mazhar Alam1 , Santanu Mallik1 , Shamim Ahmad1 , Mohd Ibrahim1, Abdul Khalid Raza 1, Ahmad Hasan .
1Translam Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Meerut, UP-250001
2 Department of Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi-110062.
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12.Non–Invasive Stystemic Delivery of Proteins(s) and Peptide(s)
Akhlesh K. Jain*, Sunil K. Jain and Kishore B. Chalasani
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya (A Central University)
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13.A Concept of Herbal Pratinidhi Dravyas (Substitute drugs) In Ayurved
Bhavesh Vaghela1, Haresh Soni2, Lina Shukla3
1Assistant Professor, Dept. of Dravyaguna, Parul Institute of Ayurved, Vadodara, Gujarat.
2Associate Professor, Dept. of Kaichikitsa, Parul Institute of Ayurved, Vadodara, Gujarat.
3Principal/Professor, Dept. of Dravyaguna, Parul Institute of Ayurved, Vadodara, Gujarat.
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