“Dry Blood Spot Technique: A Review”
Vichika Patel

Department of Quality Assurance, Parul Institute of Pharmacy

Over the past several years dried blood spot (DBS) sampling technique has been emergedas a relevant method in both qualitative and quantitative bioanalysis. In DBSmethod, blood sample is directly spotted on to a paper (with or without treatment) and afterdrying it can be analyzed by modern analytical, immunological or genomic detectionsystems. Several advantages of DBS technique such as low blood volume requirement,transportation and storage without special treatment, better analytes stability, enhancedclinical cooperation in clinical trials and reduced exposure of biohazard to analysts, make it the most appropriate blood samplingtechnique.DBS method explores the proficiency and appliance of DBS method in Pharmacokinetic (PK), Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), Toxicokinetic (TK), Metabolomic, Disease diagnosis and Epidemiological studies.The current article is focused on the available information on DBS method which may serve as a single framework for investigatorsin the field of bioanalysis.

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