“Biodegradable Chewing Gum Formulation Of Diclofenac Sodium”
Sulekha Bhadra*, Bhargav Patel

Parul Institute of Pharmacy, Vadodara

Diclofenac sodium belongs to BCS class-2 drug having poor bioavailability (40-50%) because of first pass effect. The present project aims at increasing bioavailability by administration by buccal route. Chewing gum was prepared as patient compliant formulation for this purpose. Conventional chewing gum base was replaced with a combination of polyethylene oxide and beeswax to increase its biodegradation potential. The prepared chewing gum formulation released above 90% drug within 30 min. and degraded in 7-10 days as compared to 5 years degradation time needed for conventional chewing gum.

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