Development And Validation Of Uv- Spectrophotometric Method For Simultaneous Estimation Of Simvastatin And Fenofibrate In Combined Dosageform
Miti. A Patel*, Dr. T. Y.Pasha.

Parul Institute of Pharmacy and Research,Limda, Vaghodiya, Vadodara-391760, Gujarat.

UV spectrophotometric method has been developed using Methanol as a solvent in First Order Derivative method determination was carried out at 239 nm λmax ZCP of Fenofibrate and 305nm λmax ZCP of Simvastatin. The calibration curves were linear 212µg/ml and 4-24 µg/ml for Simvastatin. and Fenofibrate at their respective wavelength. Both the drugs were found in good agreement with the label claimed in the marketed formulation. In Combination both the drugs were estimated as 99.2% and 99.5% Simvastatin and Fenofibrate respectively. In this method drugs obey Beer's law using the concentration range 2-12µg/ml and 4-24 µg/ml for SIM and FEN respectively. The correlation coefficient of SIM and FEN was found to be 0.998 and 0.999 respectively. The results of Recovery study SIM and FEN were found to be within range of 98-102%. Precision study showed that %RSD was within range of acceptance limits (<2%). The method was validated as per ICH Q2 (R1) guideline.

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